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I’m currently reading “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac and found a neat site that tracks Sal’s journey across the country in an embedded Google map. One of the stops he makes is in Truckee, CA. I knew that name sounded familiar so I clicked on the marker to learn more. It’s the city where the Donner party got stranded and ate each other. But I knew that wasn’t the reason it sounded familiar to me (because I didn’t actually know this until reading the entry). I vaguely remember Truckee being mentioned in Reno 911 and sure enough: 


P.S. This episode was absolutely hilarious. And it’s such a genius nod to the Donner Party history of Truckee to have Wiegel’s boyfriend be a serial killer that stores body parts in his fridge and uses them to make sausages he serves to the deputies (at least this is my recollection of the episode). 

There was the Pacific, a few more foothills away, blue and vast and with a great wall of white advancing from the legendary potato patch where Frisco fogs are born. Another hour it would come streaming through the Golden Gate to shroud the romantic city in white, and a young man would hold his girl by the hand and climb slowly up a long white sidewalk with a bottle of Tokay in his pocket. That was Frisco; and beautiful women standing in white doorways, waiting for their men; and Coit Tower, and the Embarcadero, and Market Street, and the eleven teeming hills. I spun around till I was dizzy; I thought I’d fall down as in a dream, clear off the precipice. Oh where is the girl I love? I thought, and looked everywhere, as I had looked everywhere in the little world below. And before me was the great raw bulge and bulk of my American continent; somewhere far across, gloomy, crazy New York was throwing up its cloud of dust and brown steam. There is something brown and holy about the East; and California is white like washlines and emptyheaded—at least that’s what I thought then.

-“On the Road” by Kerouac

"I told him that photo would come back to haunt him."

Doesn’t matter. We’re not here to talk about medicine.

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